An example of the usage of wireless LAN technologyfor multimedia: see Berlin live!

TKN - Telecommunication Networks Group TU-Berlin
Head of Group: Prof. Adam Wolisz Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Laboratory Equipment

  • Hardware
  • Our computing facilities consist of numerous rather frequently updated PCs, mostly running SuSe Linux. In addition a few PCs running Windows and a few Sparc/Solaris Workstations are used.

    Offices and Labs used by the group are equipped with structured cabling systems. Desktop computers of individual group members as well as laboratory equipment is basicly connected via a switched Fast Ethernet. In addition to that we have deployed an IEEE 802.11b conformant wireless LAN, covering the offices and labs, so wireless access is available from any place, for the sake of normal internetaccess. The equipment used by the group members is configured into a separate subnetwork

    Wireless multimedia communication being the focus of our research, we decided to set up a possibly complete set of hardware and software for both simulation based investigations as well as experimental research. In fact it is our explicit goal to have a flexible testbed for trial implementation of different communication protocols from MAC to transport layer, and their usage under realistic load scenarios in connection to implementations of physical layer. Thus we have purchased and use implementations of physical layer for different radio technologies: IrDA, IEEE802.11b, Bluetooth. this set will be regularily updated. For prototyping the MAC protocols and link layer protocols we have developed a special prototyping environment.

    For investigation of  TCP/IP protocols we use both: LINUX distribution as well as proprietary systems.

    For the sake of monitoring the protocol operation we have developed an advanced monitoring tool SNUFFLE

    As a partner of the Washington University's Gigabit Network Technology Distribution Program we use since January 1999 a Washington University Gigabit Switch (WUGS) This is a fully documented flexible high performance environment for experimenting with programmable routers.

    For experimental use, especially in the area of mobility and handover we use multiple, configured for different frequency bands, W- LANs conformant to IEEE802.11b (from Aironet and Lucent Technology) operating in the 2.4GHz ISM Band.

  • Software:
    • Support of experiments

      For generating realistic load for our experiments we use:

    • the Multimedia Internet Terminal (MINT) for generation of video-conferencing and IP Telephony traffic.
    • The proprietary IP telephony Solution HiPASS....for alternative investigations of IP Telephony Traffic.
    • SURGE from Boston University, for generating WWW type traffic
    • Traces of several movies  for generating video traffic
    • For Simulation studies we have used following tools (some of them marked * are not used any longer or used only marginally...)

      Our software environment contains the following tools:

    • for performance evaluation of computer networks:
    • for specification and development 

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