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TKN - Telecommunication Networks Group TU-Berlin
Head of Group: Prof. Adam Wolisz Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET)

OPNET (Optimized Network Engineering Tools) is an engineering system capable of simulating large communication networks with detailed protocol modeling and performance analysis. Features include graphical specification of models, a dynamic, event-scheduled Simulation Kernel, integrated data analysis tools and hierarchical, object based modeling. It is a commercial tool by MIL3,Inc.

Models built with OPNET are hierarchally structured, see the following figure. At the lowest level the process domain is structured as a finite state machine (FSM). The FSM can be structured with the help of a graphical editor that allows the user to specify the relation between the single states and their transitions. The single states and the transition conditions can then be programmed with a C like language called Proto-C.

Processes that were specified in the process domain, different source and destination modules offered by OPNET as well as data generators and queues can then be grouped into nodes in the node domain.

Nodes can now be connected with each other to build up different network architectures in the network domain.

OPNET itself can be divided into three large domains:

  • Specification domain: In this domain different editors are offered that enable the user to specify in a graphical manner the different levels of the models. Editors for programming the finite state machines and parameter specification are provided as well.
  • Simulation domain: The simulation kernel offers the users a procedures library that simplify various problems related to the subject of data communication like the manipulation of data packets,
  • Analysis domain: OPNET provides various tools that allow for the collection of data, their graphical presentation and analysis.

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