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SDT - SDL Design Tool 


SDT is a set of highly integrated software tools used to manage and automate the development and maintenance process of real time and interactive systems. The tools are based on SDL and MSC (Message Sequence Charts). Both the interaction between the system and its environment and the internal systems structure can be described using SDT.
    SDT provides tools for each phase of the system life cycle:
  • analysis
  • specification and design
  • verification
  • validation
  • implementation
  • maintenance
The tool can be used together with any development method - in particular with object oriented development methods.

 The SDL Editor is used for specification and design of the SDL system at the different SDL levels. SDL diagrams are displayed in a graphical form.

 The Message Sequence Charts Editor creates, edits and prints MSCs and visualizes simulation output in terms of sending, receiving and consuming signals and timers, and dynamic creation and termination of processes.

 The Validator supports automatic validation (dead-locks, signal race situations etc.) of SDL specification and included C-code.

 The SDT C-Code Generator is the link from specification to implementation. It includes the SDT Simulator Library, which allows the user to build simulators from the generated C-code. Together with the C-Code Generators an Abstract Data Type Library, a Performance Simulation Library to develop a performance simulation, an Application Library, dedicated to a particular host environment, and a Master Library can be used.

 A simulator contains a number of data objects that represent certain SDL objects in the system being simulated. Process instances, signal instances and timer instances are such objects. These objects together with the environment of the system and the monitor system constitute the simulation program. The process instances in the simulated system will execute transitions that consists of actions like tasks, decisions, outputs, procedure call, and so on, according to the SDL rules.

    Further tools are provided with the SDT tool set:
  • the Overview Generator presents an overview diagram,
  • the File Viewer to customise the SDT storage system,
  • the Structure Browser is the navigation tool,
  • the Analyser,
  • the Print Tool,
  • and the SDT CHILL Code Generator.
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