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TKN - Telecommunication Networks Group TU-Berlin
Head of Group: Prof. Adam Wolisz Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


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  • G. Schäfer, "Introduction to Network Security", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC 2003), May 2003, Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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Other Technical Reports by TKN Staff

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Talks at Workshops and Seminars

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  • Mikolaj Chwalisz, "Xilinx FPGA design using Simulink with Hardware Co-Simulation", Talk for Digital Systems Student Research Group DEMAIN, April 2011.

  • Daniel Willkomm, "Primary Users in Cellular Networks: A Large-Scale Measurement Study", ITG Fachgruppe 5.2.4 "Mobilität in IP-basierten Netzen", October 2009.

  • Michael Swigulski, Karl Wessel, and Daniel Willkomm, "MiXiM Simulating Wireless Networks in OMNeT++", TKN OMNeT++ Workshop, September 2009.

  • Marc Emmelmann, "Incorporating Dynamic OFDMA in IEEE 802.11", NTTDoCoMo / TKN TU Berlin Research Meeting. Talk without proceeding., May 2009.

  • S.Wiethoelter, "Selecting Vertical Handover Candidates in IEEE 802.11 Access Networks", NTTDoCoMo / TKN TU Berlin Research Meeting. Talk without proceeding., May 2009.

  • M. Bohge, "LTE Systemoptimierung durch dynamische OFDMA Methoden unter Berücksichtung des PDCCH Signalisierungskanals", ITG Fachgespräch: WiMAX/LTE Systems, May 2008.

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  • S. Wiethölter, "Handover Policies for Combined WLAN/UMTS Networks", 15. Treffen der VDE/ITG Fachgruppe 5.2.4 (Mobilität in IP- basierten Netzen), Aachen, Germany, September 2005, (animated slides).

  • C.Hoene, "Calculation of Speech Quality by Aggregating the Impacts of Individual Frame Losses", 18th meeting of the Network Management Research Group (NMRG) of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF), Nancy, France, July 2005.

  • C.Hoene, "Seven Myths about Wi-Fi VoIP - A Vision of Next Generation Wi-Fi VoIP Telephones", Wi-Fi Voice Conference 2005, Paris Bercy, France, May 2005, (Slides).

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  • C. Hoene, "IP Telephony over Wireless LAN: Current Research Activities", Wi-Fi Voice Conference 2004, Paris, France, May 2004, (Slides).

  • H. Karl, "Quality of service in wireless sensor networks: Mechanisms for a new concept?", ESF Workshop, Zurich, Switzerland, April 2004.

  • M. Kubisch, H. Karl, A. Wolisz, I. Radusch, S. Steglich, and R. Popescu-Zeletin, "Energy-Efficient Networking for Wireless Sensor Networks --- Contributions of the AVM Project", Invited talk at the public status seminar of the AVM project, held at Micro System Technologies Conf., October 2003.

  • J. Gross, H. Karl, and J. Klaue, "Allocating and assigning OFDM subcarriers to MPEG video transmissions - Does crossing layers really help ?", SICS Seminar on QoS in Mobile and Wireless Networks, Kista, October 2003.

  • D. Hollos, H. Karl, M. Kubisch, S. Mengesha, and A. Wolisz, "Relaying und Frequenz-``Recycling'' --- Zwei Schlüsseltechnologien zur Kapazitätssteigerung", Talk at the BMBF Statusseminar Mobilkommunikation, Aachen, July 2003.

  • H. Karl, "Using ad-hoc extensions to cellular networks for capacity and energy-efficiency improvements --- An overview of the IBMS2 project", Inivited talk at Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam, April 2003.

  • H. Karl, "Sensor Network Research at TKN TU Berlin", Invited talk at the Yeditepe University, Department of Computer Engineering, Istanbul, December 2002.

  • H. Karl, "Making sensor networks useful: Distributed services --- The EYES project", ESF Workshop, La Spezia, Italy, October 2002.

  • C. Hoene, "An Experimental Approach to WLAN Research - A Short Tutorial", ESF Workshop, La Spezia, Italy, October 2002.

  • T. Fischer, M. Maier, and H. Woesner, "Switching Optical Packets -- Motivation and Prospects", TransiNet Workshop, Berlin, Germany, October 2002.

  • H. Woesner and M. Maier, "Routing and Resilience in AWG Based WDM Networks", TransiNet Workshop, Berlin, Germany, October 2002.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless/ Mobile Internet Access: The AMICA Approach", July 2002, Symbol Technologies New York.

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  • A. Neumann and A. Festag, "Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Implementation Experiences", invited talk, IPv6 Workshop, Siemens, Munich, Germany, June 2002.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • M. Eyrich, "Implementation Aspects of Communication Protocols in Active Network Nodes for the Dynamic Installation of Performance Enhancing Protocols", Workshop: Concepts and Applications of Programmable and Active Networking Technologies, February 2002, Schloss Dagstuhl, Deutschland.

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  • A. Wolisz, "Beyond 3G?? Sure, but which way?", invited talk, Workshop on Multiradio Multimedia MMC 2001, Berlin, Germany, November 2001.

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  • M. Maier, "Next-Generation Metro WDM Networks", Invited Talk: IEEE Computer Communications Workshop, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 2001.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • H. Karl, "Relaying --- bad for energy, good for capacity?", Work-in-progress session of Mobicom 2001, Rome, Italy, July 2001.

  • A. Wolisz, "Multimedia support in wireless Internet access: Selected Issues", invited talk, Advanced Topics Seminar, University Stuttgart, Germany, May 2001.

  • A. Wolisz, "Which Way Towards Wireless Internet??", invited talk at University Stuttgart, Germany, May 2001.

  • A. Wolisz, "Communication Networks: Selected Hot Topics", invited talk, ETV NEWS Series, VDE, Berlin, Germany, April 2001.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless/Mobile Internet Access: The AMICA Approach", invited talk, Columbia University, NY, March 2001.

  • C. Hoene, "Downloadable Protocols for Mobile Internet Terminals", ITG Fachtagung Funksystem: Topic Software Defined Radio, University Duisburg, Germany, March 2001.

  • A. Wolisz, "Multimedia support in wireless Internet access", invited talk, WINLAB, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, March 2001.

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  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless Mobile Internet Access", invited talk, Kolloquium Digitale Mobilkommunikation, Technical University Berlin, Germany, November 2000.

  • F. Fitzek, "Simultaneous MAC Packet Transmission: QoS Support in CDMA Based Wireless Communications Systems", Invited Talk: IEEE Communications and Signal Processing, Phoenix Chapter, ASU, B69 Goldwater Research Center, November 2000.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • M.Savoric and A. Wolisz, "Network Information Reuse for Different Flows of an End System", Ericsson University Days, Aachen, Germany, October 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless and Mobile Internet: Quo Vadis?", 33. DFN Betriebstagung Mobile IP Forum, Berlin, October 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless and Mobile Internet Access", Invited Talk, 33. DFN Betriebstagung, Mobile IT Forum, Berlin, Germany, October 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, A. Festag, H. Karl, B. Rathke, M. Savoric, and G. Schaefer, "Mobility in Heterogeneous IP-based Networks", invited talk, Siemens Hochschul-Kolloquium, Munichen, Germany, October 2000.

  • M. Schlaeger and A. Wolisz, "Performance Analysis of New Approaches for TCP Controlled Applications over Wireless Networks", invited talk, Ericsson University Days 2000, Nuernberg, Germany, September 2000.

  • A. Festag, "Utilization of Multicast Mechanisms for Handover", Gigabit Kits Workshop, St. Louis, MA,USA, July 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless Internet Architectures: selected issues", BMBF-Report, July 2000.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless and Mobile Internet: Quo Vadis", invited Talk, IHP Workshop "Wireless Internet Applications and Systems", Frankfurt/Oder, Germany, July 2000.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • A. Wolisz, "Netzwerkarchitektur und Protokolle", invited talk, Tagung F?rderschwerpunkt ATMobil, Breitbandige Mobilkommunikation f?r Multimedia auf ATM Basis, Statusseminar BMBF, Ulm, Germany, June 2000.

  • A. Wolisz and I. Schieferdecker, "Specification-based Testing of Communication Protocols", Invited Talk, Focus 2000, Clermont Hotel, Berkeley, CA, USA, June 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless to the Internet", Invited Talk, GPRS-UMTS-Software Radio Reihe, Siemens AG, Information and Communication Mobile, Division Wireless Modules, Berlin, Germany, May 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "The Dual Approach to Internet Charging", Talk during the 3rd Internet Economics Workshop, Berlin, Germany, May 2000.
    (PostScript) (PDF)

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless Internet Access", Invited Talk, Informatik Kolloquium, Universität Hamburg, Germany, May 2000.

  • A. Festag, "Rerouting for Handover in Connection-Oriented NetworksMobility", Gigabit Kits Workshop, St. Louis, MA,USA, January 2000.

  • A. Wolisz, "Mobility in Multimedia Communication", Eingeladener Vortrag für das 2. WAKI/IIA- Symposium "Verteilte Multimediale Anwendungen und Dienstintegrierende Kommunikationsnetze", Sandelmark bei Flensburg, Germany, September 1999.

  • A. Wolisz, "Wireless Inhouse Data Communication", Invited Tutorium in der 10ten GI/ITG Fachtagung "Messung, Modellierung und Bewertung von Rechen- und Kommunikationssystemen", Trier, Germany, September 1999.

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  • A. Wolisz, "The Integrated Broadband Mobile System (IBMS) Project", Vortrag am ICSI, Berkeley, April 1999.

  • A. Wolisz, "Potential terrestrischer Funkübertragung für Multimedia", DLR/ITG Diskussionssitzung Multimedia über Funk, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, November 1998.

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    (PostScript) (PDF)


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