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Akaroa2 for OMNeT++




Akaroa-2 is a powerful tool supporting discrete event simulations:

  • It analyze the observations at runtime and decides to start collecting data (in order not to include initialization effects) and stops the simulation when is has enough observations to calculate an estimate of the required precision.
  • It can speed up simulations using multiple replications in parallel or MRIP.

Currently both features are not present in OMNeT++ and implementing these algorithms by hand is complicated and error-prone. Therefore it seems to be a good idea to integrate the Akaroa2 capabilities into OMNeT++.

This site contains a Akaroa packet for Linux (most work done by Holger Woesner), a documentation about integrating Akaroa2 and OMNeT++ and an example for using Akaroa2 with OMNeT++.


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