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TKN - Telecommunication Networks Group TU-Berlin
Head of Group: Prof. Adam Wolisz Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Aline Carneiro Viana

Office Hour: By appointment
Room: FT 231
Phone: +49 30 314-24576


    Short biography

    Official homepage is here.

    I am a permanent INRIA Research Scientist. From November 2009 and October 2010, I spent one year working as an Invited Researcherat the Telecommunication Networks Group of the TU-Berlin. Before joining the INRIA in October 2006, I worked as a Post-Doc in the PARIS research team at IRISA/INRIA Rennes/Bretagne Atlantique. I spent three years and a half at the LIP6 laboratory of the Universit? Pierre et Marie Curie - Sorbonne Universit?s, France, from where I received my Ph.D. Degree in July 2005. I received the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (1998) and the M.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering (2000) from the Federal University of Goi?s (UFG), Brazil, under the supervision of Otto C. M. B. Duarte, Jose F. de Rezende, and Leonardo R. Guedes. During my M.Sc., I spent one year at the Computer Network Research Group in the Polytechnic School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil, (GTA/COPPE/UFRJ). After having got my Bachelor Degree, I was a start-up owner and worked as networking consultant at the start-up.

    Research interests

    - Wireless Self-organizing and Adaptive Networks: Delay Tolerant Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Cognitive Radio Networks

    - Data dissemination and collection protocols

    - Epidemic and gossip algorithms

    - Opportunistic forwarding protocols

    - Social Wireless Networks

    - Network Coding

    Current research activities

    My research activities are related to the data management and routing in wireless self-organized and adaptive networks. In more details, my main research axes are:

    - Opportunistic forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks

    - Collaborative sensing and transfer delegation in Delay Tolerant Networks

    - Social-aware network coding in delay tolerant networks

    - Data and structure organization in autonomous distributed systems

    - Resource and zone coverage management in wireless sensor networks

    - Channel selection and data dissemination in Cognitive Radio Networks


private Homepage:

    This link points to my private page and I am solely responsible its for the contents.


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