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Vehicular Networks [C2X]

Summer 2013


Today's automotive industry is increasingly relying on computer science in product innovation. Young professionals are expected to have specialized knowledge in the fields of electronics, software and vehicular networks -- both in-car networks and networks of moving cars. This lecture teaches important concepts from these domains, starting with in-car networks (from individual electronic control units, modern bus systems, system and network architectures, to driver assistance functions, security and safety). The lecture then moves to networks of moving cars (from communication technology and system architectures, to the design of advanced traffic information systems, security and safety). Particular emphasis is given to the relevant question of balancing users' privacy with their safety and security.

Learning Outcome

The learning objective is to unserstand the fundamental concepts of vehicular networking. Students understand these concepts and are able to apply this knowledge.

General Information / Methods

This master course will be held in English and all the course material is available in English. Oral exams can be organized in English as well as in German.

  • Lecture, 2 SWS
  • Proseminar, 3 SWS



  • Lecture (LV 703623)
    Monday, 12:15pm - 2:00pm, SR Container 1
  • Proseminar (LV 703624)
    Block course, 8 July 2013 to 16 July 2013, 09:00am to 5:00pm, 3W03 (changed!)


There will be oral exams for the lecture. We will provide more information at the end of the summer term. The grading of proseminar will be based on the assignments and the discussion of the home work.

Oral examination is by appointment.


Many thanks for the critical and helpful evaluation!


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