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Project Group on Distributed Embedded Systems [PG]

L.079.07000, Winter 2019/2020 and Summer 2020


This project group is being offered to complement our "Master Seminar" series, each issue of which treats current topics in the context of active research domains.

Learning Outcome

In the course of the project group, attendants will refine their skills of quickly familiarizing themselves with an active research process, investigating new concepts in a small group of students.

Course details

This master course will be held in English and all the course material is available in English.

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This year, we offer a variety of topics in the field of Distributed Embedded Systems. In particular, we focus on three different projects in the context of Vehicular Networking incorporating model & protocol design, simulation studies, and hardware prototyping:

  • Vehicular Micro Clouds­- Proof-of-Concept
  • Implement a proof-of-concept of recently designed Vehicular Micro Cloud architecture by using OpenC2X platform. It includes implementing formation of vehicular micro clouds, data management among micro clouds, and extending the GUI to view the micro cloud status.

  • Virtual Cycling Environment (VCE) 2.0
  • Extend our Virtual Cycling Environment (VCE) by integrating another bicycle to support cooperative experiments, improve the visualization, and conduct experiments within different traffic scenarios and situations.

  • Vehicular-Visible Light Communication (V-VLC)
  • Extend our hardware prototypes for Vehicular-Visible Light Communication developed within the scope of one of our previous project groups. The aim here is to improve the existing system's performance and reliability via basic signal processing techniques.


Wednesday, 12:15-13:45h, F1.406

  • October 9, 2019: Introduction, topic assignment, and scheduling
  • October 30, 2019: µ-Seminar


  1. Sven Laux, Gurjashan Singh Pannu, Stefan Schneider, Jan Tiemann, Florian Klingler, Christoph Sommer and