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ADVANTICSYS is a high-tech SME which has an important background in information and communication technologies specializing in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSN) and other remote monitoring systems. Main application targets are in the field of energy efficiency, environment monitoring, and automation. Thanks to its solid technological background in WSN, its collaboration network (including Asia and Latin America), and its highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals it is capable of offering its clients competitive and effective technological solutions in more than 30 countries. It also participates in R&D projects at National and European level in different areas such as: Internet of things (including cutting-edge technologies such as 6LowPAN, RFID and others), IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless sensor networks and innovative ICT solutions, including environmental monitoring applications. Currently is participating in the following European Projects:

  • FP7 - GREENERBUILDINGS: WSNs applied to context-based algorithms for reducing energy consumption in buildings.
  • FP7 - INTASENSE: WSNs applied to air quality monitoring in buildings.
  • ARTEMIS - ENCOURAGE: WSNs applied to energy consumption monitoring in buildings.
  • Furthermore, ADVANTIC participates in the standardization committee ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG 7: Working Group on Sensor Networks, and takes part in the following National and European Technology Platforms: NESSI, PROMETEO, EMOV and MANUFUTURE-E.
    Role in the project: ADV will be WP4 leader and it will be mainly focused on the Underground Mining Safety application scenario implementation.
    Experience: Within its participation in the FP7 GREENERBUILDINGS project, ADV has implemented location-based WSN applications addressing building automation strategies. Moreover, ADV has deployed hybrid RFID and WSN infrastructures for tracking staff and machinery in tunnels under construction.
    José J. de las Heras is an Electronics Engineer and Telecommunications Engineer. He is currently the CEO & Founder of ADV. In the past, he worked during 6 years in the R&D Department of ACCIONA, where he had a position of responsibility, managing the Information and Communication Technology Group. His research activity is focused on sensor and instruments applications, mobile and wireless solutions and software engineering.
    Manuel Fernández is an Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain). At present, he is part of the R&D Department of ADV. His research activity is centered on wireless sensor networks and remote monitoring applied to energy efficiency, structural integrity, smart metering and cultural heritage preservation, for which he is focusing on the development of innovative and efficient hardware and software solutions using well known environments like TinyOS and ContikiOS.
    Manuel Ramiro is a Telecommunications Engineer, he works at ADV where he has a position of responsibility at the R&D Department. His research activity is focused on Wireless Sensor and Actuators Networks, RFID Technology, embedded systems and ICT solutions. He has been involved in various national and European projects (e3SoHo (CIP-ICT-PSP), HosPilot (CIP-ICT-PSP), uSWN(EC -FP6), ESNA(ITEA), EnergyWarden (EC-FP7), Teach (EC-FP7), eDiana (ARTEMIS), REEB (EC FP7), FIEMSER (EC FP7) ) related with ICT, Energy Efficiency and IoT.

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    EVARILOS Start: 1.11.2012
    Project duration: 30 month
    Contract Nr: 317989
    EC Contribution: 1.379.944€
    Participants: TUB, ADV, iMinds, SICS, THC
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    This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 317989.