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EVARILOS Testbeds and Infrastructure

The EVARILOS consortium is pleased to announce a continuous opportunity for evaluating RF-based indoor localization algorithms and solutions using the methodology and infrastructure developed in the scope of the project.
The EVARILOS facilities are open to anyone from academia and industry, potential users and contributors.

The TUB/TKN Testbed Infrastructure (Track 2, Acrobat PDF) and the iMinds Testbed Infrastructure (Track 1, Acrobat PDF) are available for the Indoor Localization experiments.

Please note that the access to the testbed resources in Track 2 is currently limited due to building reconstruction work. Please contact Vlado Handziski (handzisk@tkn.tu-berlin.de) or Filip Lemić (lemic@tkn.tu-berlin.de) for more details.

Track 1: RF-based Indoor Localization Solutions in Public Spaces focuses on benchmarking complete localization solutions. The contestants will have opportunity to install additional hardware and software at the iMinds test facility in Ghent Acrobat PDF, Belgium. Available contexts include an office environment and an enclosed open space.

Track 2: RF-based Indoor Localization Algorithms is an online opportunity for RF-based indoor localization algorithms in which participating teams can evaluate their algorithms and solutions in precise localization, also under the influence of different RF-interference scenarios if requested. The localization algorithms will have to be implemented through remote access on top of the existing hardware resources available at the EVARILOS experimental facilities at TU Berlin Acrobat PDF and the experimental facilities at iMinds Acrobat PDF.

A detailed description of the EVARILOS Infrastructure for Indoor Localization Experiments and guidance notes for Track 1 Acrobat PDF and Track 2 Acrobat PDF is available at:

Please check the EVARILOS web page for further updates and register to the EVARILOS mailing list.

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Report on the results of the real-life experiments in the validation scenarios is available

Report on final results of interference robust localization is available

Final Version of the EVARILOS Benchmarking Handbook is available

Evaluation Opportunities ‐ Technical Annex Track 1 Acrobat PDF Track 2 Acrobat PDF

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EVARILOS Start: 1.11.2012
Project duration: 30 month
Contract Nr: 317989
EC Contribution: 1.379.944€
Participants: TUB, ADV, iMinds, SICS, THC
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 317989.