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WiME - An SDR-based Experimentation and Measurement Framework for Wireless Networks


  • Distributed Embedded Systems, Paderborn University
  • Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento, Italy



  • internal CCS project

Project Time

  • 10/2011-03/2017


Robust and reliable wireless communication is one of the most important requirements in many application domains. This includes industrial networks, health care applications, as well as Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks where safety applications are seen as a main driver for their introduction. However, due to highly dynamic network structures and rapidly varying channels these networks are particularly challenging from a communications perspective.

In a first step, we investigated possibilities to detect and to mitigate wireless interferers. In order to gain deeper insights into the channel dynamics and the impact of different receive algorithms we create a framework for measuring and experimentation with IEEE 802.11[a/g/p] but also for IEEE 802.15.4 networks. The framework is SDR-based and can be used for simulations as well as over-the-air measurements. We release all source code under an Open Source license to make it accessible to other researchers and to allow reproduction of the results.

For more information about the software please see our software site.

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