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Molecular Communications and Nanonetworks

General Course Information

Welcome to the amazing world of nanonetworks, where chemistry, physics, and communication networks confluence together. This course will introduce to you the novel approaches in the nanoscale pointing to the most actual research and applications in the molecular communication field. Ready to navigate non-conventional topics and learn new principles beyond RF communications?


This course will cover communication techniques and technologies to conceive networks on the nanoscale. Instead of the standard use of electromagnetic waves, communication will be achieved through the emission and detection of molecules according to the paradigm of Molecular Communications. We will follow a network architecture approach from a computer networks perspective. In the physical layer, we will introduce models for the communication channels through molecular means, as well as for emitters and receivers. In the link layer, we will address mechanisms for the information flow and error control mechanisms. The course will conduct various hands-on activities in the Matlab simulator for the modeling of the physical and link layers.

Learning Outcome

After completing the course, the attendees will characterize main communication schemes in molecular scenarios. Besides, they will apply theoretical knowledge to develop molecular communication networks. Finally, students will be able to develop molecular communication links with simulators.

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