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Human-Centric Communication

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-> First PhD degree in the IGP has been awarded

The H-C3 Initiative (Human-Centric Communication Center) is continuing the Integrated Graduate Program in Human-Centric Communication (IGP H-C3) at the Technische Universität Berlin with a third cohort.
The H-C3 Initiative seeks to promote development of technologies that provide flexible and intuitive communications approaches for the good of mankind. This innovative program follows a vision of Human-Centric Communication offering flexible and intuitive support in accessing situation-dependent information as well as in exchanging information with others. Numerous academic groups are contributing their expertise to this initiative, especially the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as the cooperating non-university research institutes.
The initiative's graduate program provides students and doctoral candidates with an ideal environment to conduct research, in addition to the supervision they need to obtain their doctoral degrees. Students can profit directly from the TU Berlin's outstanding research partnerships comprising a network of scientific facilities that performs at the highest international level. Students will also have an opportunity to earn a doctorate in a future-oriented area of telecommunications, just three years after obtaining a Master's degree.
On the one hand, our Integrated Graduate Program is especially tailored for outstanding students who have already earned a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering or H-C3-related subject areas such as physics, mathematics and economics.
On the other hand, our Integrated Graduate Program is also suited for outstanding university graduates already holding an appropriate Master's degree or equivalent university diploma.
Financial aid is available in the form of a work study program, whereby students can actively serve as student assistants in H-C3 projects during their Masters Studies. Scholarships are also offered to students enrolled in the PhD Program. The H-C3 Initiative's own dedicated selection committee selects students for admission to the Integrated Graduate Program and makes scholarship recommendations. To qualify for this Integrated Graduate Program, students must first be enrolled in a Masters Degree Program at the TU Berlin or must be able to fulfill general admission requirements for doctoral studies at the TU Berlin.
This bilingual graduate program (German/English) is designed as a five-year course of study. It offers gifted students who are interested in innovative scientific challenges the opportunity to take part in research projects during their Masters Studies. The aim is to help prepare students for the three-year PhD Program, which commences upon completion of a Masters degree.

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