Integrated Graduate Program
Human-Centric Communication

Integrated PhD Program (Phase II) - no open call

Admission Requirements
This call for applications is open to graduates who have already obtained an excellent Master's degree or equivalent university diploma in the broad field of telecommunications and H-C3-relevant academic groups.
The prerequisite for admission to the Integrated Graduate Program is that the applicant has already fulfilled the general admission requirements that are currently in force for doctoral studies at the TU Berlin.
Applicants should have a strong interest in actively participating in an interdisciplinary research approach and should possess very good language proficiency in both German and English.
The Integrated PhD Program is a three-year Doctoral Studies Program. Doctoral candidates may receive scholarships, with the amount of financial aid comparable to that of DFG scholarships. Dissertation supervision will be provided by two professors, at least one of which is directly associated with the H-C3 Initiative.

Application Credentials
The following documents must be submitted::

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form listing all experience and knowledge relevant to qualifying for this PhD Program.
  • Documentary evidence of completed Masters degree, university diploma or equivalent university study course, e.g. a graduation certificate needs to be submitted if already available.
  • Proof of written and oral proficiency in English and German (for non native speakers of either language). Students will not enrolled until the appropriate certificate is submitted.
  • Written statement explaining the applicant's motivation for applying and his/her special scientific interest in our Integrated PhD Program; further certificates and letters of recommendation can be submitted if indicated.
  • Three letters of recommendation showing evidence of the applicant's special qualifications and supporting the applicant's request for admission to the IGP H-C3 Program (must be submitted prior to enrollment).
  • Applicant must name three academic groups offered of the TU Berlin for which he/she may require academic supervision.

Submitting your Application and Deadlines:
There is no open call at the moment.


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